It’s easy!

You & your friends,

...colleagues & neighbours sign up and COcreate a Circle on

Install our CoMoBox your shared vehicles. It's open-source, and easy (or call your mechanic).

Reserve online your Circle's private section of The reservation is sent via 3G to the shared vehicle. 

Take your trip

You open the vehicle with your personal RFID card and go where you need to go.

I’m home!

Your usage is automatically logged.

Receive an electronic bill per your Circle's guidelines, & Pay using the agreed means (direct debit, Credit/Debit card, Slips, Paypal, etc.)

Your Circle meets to review

Your Fleet

Do we need more of 1 type of vehicle/pass, and less of another? Thanks to, you know which vehicles are used most, and their costs /km (or use).

Your Framework

Any difficulties encountered? What are the solutions? Do we need to make rule changes?

Your Community

Who’s coordinator this time? When’s our next Fleet-cleanup? Do we need more members? People that use vehicles at different times?  

and round & round it goes 

...and we don't think it’ll ever stop. Except for red lights, it’s important to stop for red lights.