Why share mobility?

Saves you money 

...about $3000/yr. Shared ownership, shared expenses.

Saves you time

Shared mobility, shared responsibility.

Improves your health

Comobilists walk & bike more*.

Frees up space

Fewer vehicles, more greenways.

Lowers pollution

Fewer vehicles, less driving, lower pollution.

Lowers your taxes

Fewer cars, less driving & pollution, lower costs for the State.

Right mobility @ Right time

Sharing means the pickup, cargo bike, or transport pass are there when you need them.

and, it's Fun!

  COcreating for a cause with friends, colleagues & neighbours is a rich & rewarding experience.

Why join comobilis.org?

It's free to sign up

Only when your Circle has succeeded in sharing vehicles, do you pay a yearly membership of XX. comobilis is non-profit. 

comobilis is open-source

Sharing and cocreating is in our DNA.

Your Circle is self-governed

We supply the tools, you make decisions your way.

Your Circle can experiment

...with our flexible tools, and find your Own way.

Share your experiences

...so that we don't all make the same mistakes and, we all benefit from the improvements.

Together we'll make COmobility the new normal.