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Genève, Switzerland

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                Our Circle is (will be)

                • Households ~XX

                • Businesses ~XX

                • COmobilists ~XX

                • COordinators ~XX

                • 4-wheel vehicles ~XX

                • 2-wheel vehicles ~XX

                • Transport passes ~XX

                • Other: canoe

                We are at this step

                1. Inviting friends, neighbours & colleagues

                2. Analysing COmobility needs

                3. Doing the step-by-step guides

                4. Deciding how to decide

                5. Budgeting costs

                6. We've been sharing since XX !

                Our Present Activities

                • Step-by-step meetings every X wks

                • "New member" meetings every X wks

                • Coordinator meetings every X wks

                • General Assemblies every X months

                • Fleet-cleaning in Spring & Fall

                Our Particularities

                • Vehicles are parked underground

                • Great diversity of vehicles

                • Shares/Deposit of XX

                • Yearly subscription of XX

                • We have a solidarity fund of XX

                • We have reserves of XX

                • Ave cost is 0.00/km

                • All our cars are electric

                • Our rules are quite strict